Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

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Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

When looking for Wedding Centrepiece Ideas for your reception tables there are few things to consider:

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas
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The Style of Table

It is important that you know if the tables are long banquet style or round tables at your chosen venue, as this will impact the size and shape of your centrepiece. Obviously, if you are having long tables there will be less space for your decoration. There is no point organising beautiful round floral arrangements if they are not going to fit on your tables. Long and narrow or individual vases would work best. On the other hand, if you have large round tables a small jam jar with wildflowers will look lost!

Venue Restrictions

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas
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This is definitely an area that you need to be clear on before you make any big decisions. Many venues have restrictions on open flames and breakable glass. Checking their restrictions beforehand will prevent last-minute issues. Some venues also have rules about when items can be set up and removed after the event, especially if they are a busy wedding venue.

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The Theme of your Day

If you are having a particular theme, whether it’s vintage or glamour you will want your centrepieces to coordinate. For a vintage look, burlap-wrapped vases or china teapots make a great arrangement. Whereas a glamour theme would be crying out for a bit of bling in the form of possibly a dressed candelabra or an elegant floral arrangement.

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas
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The lighting of the area should be considered when planning your centrepieces. If the room is going to be quite dark you could consider adding candles (flameless or otherwise) or battery-powered lights as part of your arrangements.

The Season

If you are getting married during a distinct season like Christmas or Halloween you could plan your arrangements around the time of year. Pumpkins make great centrepieces either decorated or as a holder for a floral arrangement.

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas
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As for Christmas, the possibilities are endless, a white winter wonderland, traditional red and green or whatever symbolises Christmas to you.

The Height of the Arrangements

Height is also an important factor to be considered, twelve to fourteen inches high would be perfect as you don’t want the centrepiece to block your guests view of each other and interrupt their conversation.

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas
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Some venues have table centrepieces included their packages so if you are on a budget you could consider sticking with those. However, if you want something more specific for your day you could employ the services of your florist. Once you have an idea of how many tables will be at your wedding you can divide your budget by that number and determine how much you can spend on each centrepiece.

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas
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Alternatives to Flowers

Centrepieces don’t always have to involve flowers. Here are a few alternative Wedding Centrepiece Ideas:

  • Candles – taper, church, tealight etc
  • Branches – in vases dressed or spray painted or why not use a beautiful piece of driftwood
  • Candelabras
  • Lanterns
  • Feathers
  • Books
  • China Tea Set
  • Birdcages
  • Photographs

Have Fun with Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right centrepieces for your wedding, but you can still have fun with colour and variety. Ultimately you want to make sure everything coordinates and matches your theme or personal style, so don’t get too crazy about restricting yourself and don’t forget to have fun.

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