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Wedding Cake

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One of the most enjoyable things to organise for your wedding day is the wedding cake as you get to sample the goodies. However, before you start with the taste testing it is always a good idea to set a budget and have an idea of the style of cake that you both agree on and make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to find the perfect cake maker (No less than 6 months before the wedding)

Styles of Wedding Cake

Wedding cake styles have changed greatly over the years, it was always traditional to have a three-tiered fruit cake covered with white royal icing and a plastic figure of the bride and groom on top. Those days are long gone giving couples more choice and flexibility on the type of cake they choose.

Wedding Cake
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A cake can still look traditional on the outside, tiered and skillfully covered in white icing, but on the inside, there are infinite flavour combinations to consider – and if you want to be totally original you could choose an unusual decoration for the outside of the cake.
Some of the more popular choices are:

Fruit cake

Wedding cake
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This is a traditional cake and may be made months in advance. Depending on the design of your cake you may be advised to have a least one tier of fruit cake for stability.


A firm favourite with everyone and a great idea if there are going to be a lot of children at the reception. This can be filled with chocolate buttercream or ganache.


Madeira cake is traditionally a lemon flavour and would be a more stable cake than a vanilla sponge. Over the years this became the original alternative to the fruit cake.

Red Velvet

Wedding cake
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This cake has grown in popularity over the past few years with its red colour providing a fun alternative and a good talking point for your guests. It can be filled with a white chocolate ganache or cream cheese frosting to give a super sweet end to your meal.


The traditional vanilla sponge is a firm favourite with many couples and can be given a fun twist by filling with an original flavoured jam instead of raspberry or strawberry.


Wedding Cake
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A personal favourite of mine and a great alternative to fruit or sponge cake that offers a sweet and nutty finish to the meal. It is deliciously filled with cream cheese frosting.


A new kid on the block when it comes to wedding cakes but something that will get your guests talking. Delicious with sticky toffee sauce and buttercream.


Coconut sponge with spiced rum buttercream, to help you get in the mood for a Caribbean honeymoon!


These unique and fun flavour combinations will be a talking point at any wedding and would go well with a Vintage themed wedding – Vanilla sponge with rose-flavoured buttercream, Lavender honey sponge with lavender buttercream, Rhubarb and rose petal!


Weddings are usually boozy affairs so why not include the Irish fondness for a tipple with a cake containing alcohol – Chocolate, Guinness and blackcurrant cake, Amaretto-soaked fruitcake or Pink champagne with raspberry jam!

One of the latest trends is to have a naked cake, that is a sponge cake that is not covered with fondant icing (This would suit a relaxed style of wedding but may not fit with a traditional, elegant event), some couples opt for cupcakes instead and use these are their dessert or if you are not a cake lover you could go for a cake made up of cheese.

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The choices are endless, think of the fun you will have to sample all those flavours!

Finding a Cake Maker

Wedding Cake
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Trying to find a good cake maker can be difficult as sometimes the best looking wedding cakes are not the best tasting and you don’t want your cake to be the talk of your guests for all the wrong reasons. Ask family and friends if they can recommend anyone or maybe you are lucky enough to have a great baker in the family.
Most good bakers will have a website or facebook page where you can view their work and it is a great place to start searching. Another point to remember is that most cake makers will bring samples of a variety of cakes to bridal shows so if you are not sure what flavour you would like it might be an idea to visit a show and have a taste!

Get it in Writing!

Once you have booked your cake maker and agreed the design, flavour and size of the cake make sure you have it written down, some bakers will provide you with a written agreement but other amateur bakers may not so keep yourself right and get them to sign where you have the details listed.

You will also need to confirm if they can deliver to the reception venue and set the cake up or if you need to collect it from them.

Hope that helps you find the perfect cake for your wedding day!

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