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The Role of Flowergirls and Pageboys

Role of Flowergirls and Pageboys

Having Flower Girls and Pageboys are a great way to get your young guests involved in the wedding, but what is the role of flower girls and pageboys, apart from looking super cute?

Here are a few hints and tips to make sure that your cutest guests are ready for their roles on the big day.

Flower Girls

These adorable little princesses are generally aged between 4-8 years old. They walk down the aisle before the bride, sprinkling petals, confetti or even blowing bubbles. This is thought to symbolise love, fertility and apparently scare off evil spirits. If you don’t want her to throw petals or blow bubbles you could always have her carry a single flower or a pomander (a ball of flowers) or a sign to let your other half know you are on your way!

Role of Flowergirls and Pageboys

It is always a great idea to have two flower girls or one paired up with a Pageboy so that they can walk down the aisle side by side. Partnering them will give them more confidence than having to go it alone.

If you or your bridesmaids are nervous about the processional then your Flower Girl might be a little spooked. As a bride you should explain the Flower Girl’s duties to her well in advance, this will help her be more relaxed on the day. Her parents should follow up with a few chats and mini rehearsals.

If your Flower Girl doesn’t really know your Bridesmaids then make a point of getting them together before the day this will help her feel more comfortable on the wedding day. Why not arrange for all the girls to go out for lunch before the big day!

Role of Flowergirls and Pageboys

Many brides like to dress their Flower girls in dresses similar to theirs, this mini-bride look is meant to show the bride’s transition from childhood to womanhood. However, if you wish your Flower Girl can wear a mini version of the bridesmaid dress or a simple white dress. It’s also important that they practice walking down the aisle again to give them confidence on the day.

Pageboys / Ring Bearers

Having a Pageboy always adds that “cute factor” to a wedding, especially if he has a little Flower Girl to walk down the aisle with!

Role of Flowergirls and Pageboys

It is not as common now to have a Pageboy but if you have a young member of the family (around the same age as your Flower Girl) you would like to involve in the wedding, this is a perfect way! Their traditional role was to walk down the aisle with the Flower Girl carrying the wedding rings but walking down the aisle hand in hand looking gorgeous with the Flower Girl is equally acceptable.


Try to get all your bridal party together with the little ones before the wedding so they are more comfortable with them on the day. It’s important for you to have a chat with your pageboy so he knows what he has to do on the day. Ask his parents to practice with him if he has to carry the rings etc.

Again it would be the tradition to have the Pageboy wearing a mini version of the Grooms suit, how cute!

It’s the best man’s responsibility to look after the rings leading up to the big day. The Page Boy only has the rings while he walks down the aisle. If you think that he is too young or might drop the rings tie them down to a cushion or put them in a box. Or better still just ask your little people to walk down the aisle holding hands and leave the rings with the best man.

Make sure you seat the little people’s parents toward the front of the ceremony so they can see them and if they want they can sit with them after they walk down the aisle.

Role of Flowergirls and Pageboys

Those cute Photographs

Don’t worry about having your Flower Girl or Pageboy in all your official wedding photographs as it would be a huge challenge to get them to smile in all of them. Instead, opt for a few shots with them and have your photographer take them early in the day when they are still full of excitement.

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Remember if you decide to have children in your bridal party then anything can happen and there is only so much you can control. However, whatever the little people do (cry, drop the rings, lift up her dress), their cuteness will make your guests smile and your day a more memorable one.

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