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Remembering Lost Loved Ones at your Wedding

It can be really difficult to imagine your big day without that special person in your life to celebrate with. Even with all the plans etc on your mind, it is inevitable that you will still be thinking of your parent, grandparent, close friend or family member who won’t be present. So why not make them a special part of your day with these ideas for remembering lost loved ones at your wedding.


Depending on the number of loved ones that you want to honour you could have a single photo or a photo table. If it is a parent or grandparent that has passed then a lovely idea is to have their wedding photos on display.

You could also ask your photographer to get a shot of you with the photographs of your loved one.

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Remembering Lost Loved Ones at your Wedding
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Incorporate your loved ones favourite flowers into your bouquet or table arrangements. This could be something they had growing in their garden or simply a flower that reminds you of them.

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We all have little trinkets that belonged to our loved ones that have passed so why not attach them to your bouquet or sew them into your dress and that way they are with you on your special day. My wife had a cufflink belonging to her late dad tied to her bouquet and that way she felt a little part of him was with her as she walked down the aisle.


Remembering Lost Loved Ones at your Wedding
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A very traditional way to remember lost loved ones at your wedding is to light a candle in their memory. This could even be incorporated into your photo table or you could simply have a candle and a sign stating who it is in memory off.

Donate to Charity in Their Honour

Charity Wedding Favours

Why not cut back on your budget and use the money you saved to donate to a charity that meant a lot to your loved one or have guests donate in lieu of a wedding gift. Even just replacing favours will make a considerable contribution. Either way, you’ll be giving back in someone special’s honour.

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Personalised Jewellery

Keep your loved ones close to your heart by wearing them around your neck. This could be a locket with a favourite photo or even a touching quote or song lyric to remember them by. If it is your groom that has lost someone maybe they could have personalised cufflinks to wear on the day.

Shoe Charm

A new trend is to have customised shoe charms, these are a great way to keep someone close to you as you walk down the aisle. This touch will make your wedding shoes much more special.

Save them a Seat

For loved ones who will be attending your wedding in spirit only, you could honour them with a seat display. Add a framed photo, note or poem and flowers to a seat kept for them. This will be a reminder during your day that they are with you.

Some people may find this idea too visual and too difficult to look at but others may take comfort from it.

Share a Toast

A traditional way to remember those that are no longer with us is to have a toast to “Absent friends” during the speeches.

You could make this more personal by actually toasting with your loved ones favourite tipple.

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Release Lanterns

Remembering Lost Loved Ones at your Wedding
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Light up the sky with beautiful, bright lanterns as a tribute to those who couldn’t be there on your special day. Guests can release the lanterns with a wish or the thought of a loved one.

Always check with your reception venue beforehand to ensure this will be allowed.

I hope this has given you a few ideas on remembering lost loved ones at your wedding…

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