Planning the Perfect Stag Do!

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Planning the Stag Do!

Here is an article for the person planning the stag do – the Best Man! Make sure you pass it on to him…

So you have been selected as best man for your mate’s wedding and you will have that all-important speech to write but at the minute you need to focus on planning the Stag Do! Where do you start?

Planning the Stag Do
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Well as best man it is a given that you know the groom well enough to know what type of party he would like, we have broken it down into three categories…

The Active Groom

This is the guy who doesn’t like to spend all night sitting in the pub and actually thinks he could take on Bear Grylls in any challenge! He loves taking a risk and competing in adrenaline-pumping activities.

Planning the Stag Do
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So if this sounds like the stag you know, consider activities such as Coasteering, High-wire Tree Top Adventures, Kayaking, paintballing or laser quest, or go for a multiple activities option.

The Quiet Groom

If your stag isn’t much of a party animal and wants something low-key, don’t worry. There are plenty of options that don’t involve a big night out. Consider hosting a murder mystery evening or why not take in a match of his favourite football or rugby team!

If your groom is a foodie then why not have a cookery lesson, there are plenty of local restaurants that now have cookery schools attached.

Planning the Stag Do
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The Party Groom

This is the groom that loves to have a drink and is always up for a party. Why not bring his love of drink into his stag do? You could book an Alcohol Master Class, like cocktail making, gin tasting, whisky and bourbon sampling or visit a local brewery to start the afternoon off! Or you could visit a beer festival if you got your dates right!!

Once you have confirmed with your groom the type of event he wants then you can really start planning the stag do. Here are a few hints to help you along the way…

Planning the Stag Do
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Decide on the guest list

Check who the groom really wants to invite and find out if there’s anyone who he’d rather not have there. You will need to ask the groom if he wants the male members of his fiancee’s family on his stag do, or would a local night out be more suitable for that?

Set a date

Stag dos normally happen about a month before the wedding. This gives everyone time to recover and ensure any bruises have faded before the big day. Set up a group chat to confirm a date that suits everyone.

Decide on the location

Are you going to stay local or head away? Just remember the further you travel the more it will cost so planning a week or weekend in the sun will cost a lot of money and may not suit everyone that the groom would like to attend!


The key to a great stag do is making sure everyone invited knows the essential information – where they’re going, the date, what activities you have planned and what they need to bring for them, as well as the accommodation details.


The best thing would be to set a limit for the event and take it from there, this could be agreed between all invited parties on your group chat. You also need to confirm exactly what the cost is covering.

Planning the Stag Do
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Get Deposits

Don’t be afraid to ask for deposits upfront from everyone, you don’t want to end up being out of pocket and if a deposit has been paid people are less likely to drop out too! You will usually need to pay deposits for booking accommodation and activities, flights generally need to be paid in full at the time of booking. You also need to tell everyone when balances need to be paid.

Confirm details

Once everything is booked you can start looking at the smaller details like T-shirts etc. However it is important to confirm details with everyone who is invited, and also with the places you’ve booked closer to the time to make sure everything is going ahead as planned.

So wherever you go and whatever activities you chose have a great time but please bring the groom home safe or you will have a very stressed out bride to deal with!!!

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