The Hen Party!

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The Hen Party!

I know that the majority of my Wedding Hints & Tips articles are aimed at brides and rightly so but this is one that you may want to pass onto your bridesmaid(s) along with a few hints as to want you would actually like for your Hen Party celebration.

Hen Party
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There are a wide variety of options out there for your hen party and it can be quite a daunting task for anyone to plan something that will suit all invited. You could choose between staying local or weekends away, action-packed activities, simple dinner and drinks etc.

Another consideration – do you have a mix of friends along with mums, aunties and cousins, or have a few occasions that would suit each group individually.

Many decisions have to be made and that’s why it is a good idea as the bride and bridesmaid that you have a little chat about ideas before any planning takes place. Ask the bride if she wants to be involved in the planning or if she trusts you to organise everything once she has given a few guidelines.

Planning is the key to a perfect stress-free Hen party for both of you so grab a glass or a cuppa and a notebook and get those ideas on paper !!

Guidelines for the perfect Hen Party

Perfect timing

The first thing you need to agree on is when would be the perfect time to go, ideally, the Hen party should take place about 4-6 weeks before the wedding. This will give the girlies enough time to sort out their funds for the wedding day and the bride ample time to recover before the big day.

Tell the girls

Once you have agreed a date and the bride has decided on who she would like to invite, tell all those on the list so they can plan ahead and request time off work etc…

Hen Party
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Who will be there

If the bride has said that she wants one hen party for friends, mums and grannies etc then don’t plan something that the older generations won’t be able to take part in. Plan an activity that will suit the entire group, maybe afternoon tea or a day at the spa.

Be realistic

It’s great to have lots of activities planned for your bride and her hens but when drawing up the itinerary make sure you give people enough time in between. Allow for timings to change slightly or build in travel time from the start to avoid stress on the day.

Keep costs in mind

Regardless of what you have planned make sure you keep costs in mind. Not everyone has lots of money to spend these days and going to a wedding costs a small fortune so watch the budget. The average Hen Party weekend away costs approx £250 and that just the basics !!

Be Flexible

For many ladies being invited to a hen party can cause all sorts of financial dilemmas so let them know that they could join you for part of the celebration, they don’t have to take part in everything. By giving them the option you may find more will be able to attend.

Hen Party
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No hidden extras

If you are going away for the hen party then make sure you organise transport to take you all to and from activities. Include this in the budget so that it is paid for in advance and you don’t have to ask the hens for money on the day.

Keep them informed

When you have a plan email the hens with a breakdown of costs. You can still keep some surprises, but if people are handing over a lot of hard-earned cash they will want to know what it’s being spent on!

Also, tell them what they will need to bring if you are heading away for activities and if there is going to be a theme. Keep them up to date with regular emails but don’t overdo it or they will be fed up hearing from you.

Getting personal

Once the hens have confirmed that they are going you could ask them all for a memory, a photo or how they first met the bride and use these as a discussion at dinner.

Hen Party
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Finally, just relax and enjoy the celebrations with your girls!

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