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Entertaining Children at Weddings

We all know that entertaining children at weddings can be a big dilemma for every couple planning their big day. They worry that their little guests will be bored silly, drive their parents insane, or worse still, run riot. The secret to having a stress-free reception for both you and the parents when having children at your wedding is to be prepared and provide lots of kid-friendly fun. With have gathered a few ideas to share with you.

Set up a gaming station

Entertaining Children at Weddings
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If you are having a wide range of kids at the wedding with a few older ones in the mix why not set up a gaming station to keep them occupied. This again is something that you would need to discuss with your venue in advance.

Outdoor Games

If you are lucky enough to have a venue with a great garden space and the weather to go with it then you could always have a selection of outdoor games. Bowling, Twister, giant Jenga and Connect 4 will keep the kids occupied for hours. Or how about a few kites, skipping ropes and hula hoops! If you are worried about the weather ask your venue if there is space inside for a few of these games.

“I Spy”

Create a list of photographs that you wish the kids to snap, give them a disposable camera and let them get creative. These could be kept in a scrapbook for great memories of your day through their little eyes.

A Bouncy Castle

Entertaining Children at Weddings
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This has been a firm favourite with kids for years and who am I kidding a favourite with adults too! Many companies have small inflatables that can be used indoors which would probably be preferable for our climate in Northern Ireland! Think of the fun photo opportunities too!

Arts & Crafts

Kids love being creative so an area with crayons, card, colouring sheets, stickers, pipe cleaners, pom poms etc will go down a treat. You could even have a wedding theme like they could design a wedding dress, the grooms suit or decorate a wedding cake!

Entertaining Children at Weddings
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Get the professionals in

If your budget will stretch to this then why not take the stress out of your day even more and hire some entertainment. This could be magicians, craft activities, balloon modellers or a caricaturist. The big kids might even enjoy these too!

A Movie Room

How about finding a quiet space and playing a movie to help keep the little ones in one place and reasonably calm, a favourite Disney one normally does the trick!

Professional Minders

Again if your budget allows you could hire the services of childminders, this could be either for half a day to cover the ceremony and meal or just for meal times so the parents can relax and enjoy the beautiful food you have provided for them.

Entertaining Children at Weddings
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Personalised Goody Bags

These are great for keeping the kids entertained during the speeches and meal, you can fill them with all sorts of items such as colouring books, crayons, wedding-themed activity booklet, toys, sweets etc. These can also be the kiddies favours.

Treats table

This will keep all ages happy even the adults, however, it might be an idea to keep it under wraps until the meal is over. You don’t want to kids getting hyper on sugar or chocolate and running mad whilst you are trying to hear the speeches! This could be either a candy cart, a chocolate fountain, popcorn machine or candy floss, the choices are endless!

Entertaining Children at Weddings
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Deciding on how to keep the kids entertained at your day really depends on how many you have on the guest list, what age they are and how far your budget can stretch. Just remember to check with your venue regarding space for any games to be set up and if you require them to provide any equipment such as a TV/Screen for the movie or gaming ideas.

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