Alternative Wedding Cakes

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Alternative Wedding Cakes

So we are all too well aware that after the bride the cake sometimes is the talking point of the wedding reception! So why not give your guests something to talk about and look at some Alternative Wedding Cakes!

Long gone are the days of having to go with a traditional three-tiered fruit cake covered in fondant icing and flowers. Which is lovely and will never go out of style but if you have customised your day to reflect your personality then the traditional cake may not be for you!

I have pulled together a few alternatives that will really get your guests talking!

Doughnut Cake

Alternative Wedding Cakes
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If you have a sweet tooth and love Doughnuts then why not have a huge stack of them as you cake? This is a total sugary overload and do you really think your guests will be able to resist?

Cake of Cheese

Cake of Cheese
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Everyone loves a little cheese after their meal and if you love it more than fruitcake then why not have a Cheese Wedding Cake as your centrepiece. It can be decorated with fresh berries, herbs or flowers.

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A Tower of Brownies

A chocolate brownie wedding cake just makes so much sense, I don’t know why no one thought about this before. You could have the classic brownie stacked up or dress it up with some dusted icing sugar and fruit, this will get your guests talking for all the right reasons.

A Tower of Profiteroles

Who doesn’t like a delicious profiterole covered in chocolate sauce? Imagine a huge tower of profiteroles decorated with spun sugar and sugar flowers as your wedding cake and it could double up as dessert for your guests too.


If there’s a choice between fruitcake and cheesecake, cheesecake always wins. So having a tiered cheesecake at your wedding really should be standard practice.
Instead of the full cake, you could have individual cheesecakes!


Alternative Wedding Cakes
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These classic French treats have become really popular lately so it’s only right that you should be able to have 100 or so of them on your wedding day as your cake. The traditional Macaroons are almond but you can get them in lots of flavours like pistachio, passion fruit and mango etc

A Naked Cake

There is something simply beautiful about a naked Victoria Sponge. You can opt to have a skimming of frosting on the outside or a sprinkling of icing sugar and decorate it with fresh berries or flowers.

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A Rice Crispie Cake

Show me someone who doesn’t like those scrummy rice crispy cakes that we all made in school! So why not have one last kiddie treat before you become an old married couple and have three giant crispy cakes on your cake stand decorated how you like!


Alternative Wedding Cakes
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These can be a great alternative if you have guests that are fussy about what they eat. Cupcakes give you the option of having a variety of flavours and if you like u can still have a small traditional cake as your top tier.

Fruit pies

Having a selection of fruit-filled pies on display is becoming more popular especially for the wedding with a rustic theme.

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